10518601_10152650594360943_2195413720473104203_oTareq Taylor is a chef and TV-personality from Sweden with a 29-year career behind him. For many years Tareq has appeared on Swedish public television’s popular cooking and gardening show “Trädgårdmåndag” (Garden Mondays), on SVT1. Since 2012 Tareq has also become well known to the international audience, through his show, “Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery”, broadcasted in over 100 countries all over the world.

He is a great example of the new multicultural and open Sweden that has formed in recent years. Tareq’s mother is half-English and half-Swedish, and his father is from Palestine. He has lived and travelled all over the world during his career as a chef and brings all his cultural and worldwide influences into his food.

Organic and locally-grown food is very dear to Tareq’s heart, and he travels around  to give lectures and participate in events related to these topics.

In 2011 Tareq published his first cook book, which was nominated as “best first cook book” in the international “Gourmand of the World Cookbook Award”. What a great way to start! Since then he has written a number of cook books and there’s many more to come.

Tareq runs the Slottsträdgårds Café (Castle Garden Café) in the Royal Park in Malmö, Sweden. Keeping with his local food passions, a large percentage of the ingredients are sourced in the huge garden behind the café. The café only uses a seasonal menu, and other ingredients are sourced exclusively from local suppliers. The same goes for his newest place, the food studio and restaurant Kockeriet, which opened in November 2014.