Ekenäs burgers with vinegar onions

Serves 4


For the burgers

600 g minced beef

1 tbsp butter

1 garlic clove

1 twig of rosemary

Salt, to taste


For the vinegar onions

2 white onions, chopped

1 tbsp butter

3 tbsp apple cider vinegar

3 tbsp caster sugar


To serve

8 slices of sourdough bread

Baby gem or romaine lettuce

1 red onion, sliced

4 tbsp freshly grated horseradish


  1. Start with the vinegar onions. Melt the butter in a pan and add the onions. Cook on medium heat for 2–3 minutes until the onions are shiny and soft. Add vinegar and sugar and cook for another couple of minutes. Set aside to cool.
  2. Shape the meat into 4 big burgers. Fry in butter in a hot pan together with the rosemary and garlic. Salt to taste.

Place a burger onto a slice of bread on a bed of lettuce. Top with the vinegar onions, horseradish and a couple of slices of red onion. Finish with the other piece of bread. Serve.