Zucchini flowers & tomato salad

Serves four

8-12 zucchini flowers, depending on size

2 slices of white sourdough bread without the crust

2 dl grated cheese, Västerbotten, Mozzarella or Emmenthaler

1 tbsp chopped fennel dill

1-2 tbsp soft butter


1 dl plain flour

2 eggs

100 ml cooking oil


For garnish

Edible flowers such as arugula flowers or onion flowers.


Remove the center from the flowers

Chop or grate the bread and mix with grated cheese, fennel dill and butter into a smooth filling. Fill the flowers 2/3 and close them by gently squeezing them together.

Roll the filled flowers in flour and then in the egg mixture.

Fry golden in a hot pan in cooking oil.

Serve with warm tomato salad and garnish with edible flowers.


Warm tomato salad


800 g tomatoes, mix colours

3 leafs lovage

1 sbsp apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp rapeseed oil



Cut tomatoes into big pieces and chop the lovage.

Place all ingredients in a pan and gently heat everything until it´s lukewarm. It should not start to boil. Add salt to taste.