Shellfish soup

Serves 4


200 g mussels

2 fresh crabs

400 g pollock, cod or monkfish

200 ml dry white wine

1 litre stock from the shellfish

100 g fennel, diced

100 g celeriac, diced

100 g leek, diced

1 twig of thyme

2 tbsp butter

200 ml heavy cream

8 scallops

100 ml capers

100 ml oil for frying



  1. Clean and debeard the mussels. If any mussels are opened, tap them lightly on a hard surface. If they don’t close, discard them.
  2. Use a large 10 litres pot and fill it halfway with water. Add salt to taste and bring to the boil.
  3. Cook the crabs and mussels under a lid for 10 minutes or until done. Take the shellfish out of the water and set aside to cool.
  4. Cook the fish in the shellfish water for about five minutes. Take the fish out of the water and set aside.
  5. Peel the mussels and crabs and save the meat.
  6. In a new pot, sauté the diced vegetables and thyme in butter. Make sure it doesn’t get any colour. Add the wine, shellfish stock and the cream. Cook for 20 minutes. Salt to taste.
  7. Sift the soup through a fine strainer. Keep warm.
  8. Fry the scallops in a hot pan with 1 tablespoon butter. Set aside.
  9. Strain the capers and fry them in hot oil until they are nice and crisp. Put them on a paper towel and allow the excess oil run off.
  10. Plating time! Place the cooked fish, scallops, mussels and crabmeat in a bowl. Pour the hot soup on the fish and garnish with fried capers.