Princess Cake

Serves 8–10

1 round sponge cake

500 ml heavy cream

200 ml vanilla custard

100 ml fresh raspberry jam

200 ml fresh raspberries

1 green marzipan sheet

Icing sugar for decoration


  1. Cut the sponge cake into three layers.
  2. Whisk the cream until stiff.
  3. Spread the vanilla curd, and a little of the cream on the bottom layer.
  4. Put on the second cake layer and spread the raspberry jam and some of the fresh raspberries.
  5. Sandwich the last layer and spoon the remaining whipped cream over the cake. Use a spatula to create a smooth dome-like shape. Don’t forget the sides. Gently, put the remaining raspberries in the cream and cover the wholes with a spatula.

Cover the cake with the marzipan sheet. Gently pull it down the sides to get rid of any wrinkles. Cut off excess marzipan and dust the cake with icing sugar.