How long are my food products fresh?

It is easy to focus too much on the expire date of food products. The expire date is actually just a way of stating the quality of the product. If you store your food products correctly they often stay fresh longer than the expire date indicates. On a weekly basis, an ordinary Swedish family, throws away more than 4 kilos of perfectly eatable food and pour out many litres of milk and other dairy products. Before you throw away food it is a good idea to use your senses – look, smell and taste!


Here’s a list to help you know how long, on average, your different food products stay fresh:


Milk and cream: up to a week

Yoghurt: up to 10 days

Sour cream: up to 10 days

Crème fraiche: up to 10 days

Cheese: several weeks

Butter and margarine: up to a month

Eggs: up to a few months


Ham and sausages, boiled: up to a week

Ham and sausages, smoked: up to 2 weeks



Rice: 2-3 days (in a container with a lid). Cool it down quickly!

Pasta: up to 5 days (in a container with a lid)

Potatoes: up to 5 days. (keep in a bowl with a papernapkin on top of the potatoes)